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Once the echo of despair subsides,

There will shine a thin layer of clarity.

Take care of that surface…

They told me for years

To take care of my insides,

“You won’t be handsome forever,” they said.

“Am I all that handsome?” I thought,

Scratching the scarce patches

Of my hopeless facial hair…

Jon used to call me Patch Adams,

He used to call me lots of things,

He used to say that he was my father;

He’s always been funny,

Not to mention, fucker has a full beard…

I had a dream recently, in which

I kept breaking wine glasses in my hand,

And that’s all I remember.

Sometimes, I see canopies in my papers,

Focus comes and goes,

But anger has it’s own nest here,

Anger is comfy…Strange, I know.

Rambling thoughts and numbing agents,

Lead me quietly to my careless corner.

Love can defeat it all,

But as they say,

One must take care of his insides,

One won’t be handsome forever.

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Cawing Crows

Mothers are missed,

I too, miss my mother,

but more often,

I miss the screaming wind among the treetops

While camping in the woods.

We are human, we grow to miss one another,

We are built that way,

We build attachments out of days,

And sew blankets out of habit, all the time,

Missing each other is all we know,

But I miss more the cawing of crows

And crackling firewood,

And taking a long drunken piss off a cliff.

These days, I miss more the blisters and sores

That carve weariness and thirst into one’s muscles.

I miss the slopes of loose rocks,

My fingertips have the clearest memory,

But unfortunately people’s faces have faded,

In my head, their voices are muffled,

But oh the cawing of crows will outlive us all…

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All in All

I was never suited for silence,

Sincere all in all, yet never honest…

I’ve been made for love,

But my movements maneuver on anger,

And I’ve got a pair of drifter eyes,

They curse my room and every border, every line.

I’ve been a savage, growing far from healthy

In the habitat of habits,

I’ve had moments,

Running currents and flooded paths,

My flock of fears all in flight…

Distances I’ve come to know,

And certain instances I’ve come to loathe,

Free of matter, because I’ve come to learn

That the mind will manage…

Screaming strengths and plains of passion,

The pain was pure in the time for tears…

The trembling of troubled thoughts

Like frightened trees…but there’s no such thing.

I sigh with seasons, my smile is safe,

And perhaps my being was made for love…

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Upside-Down Kiss

“Kiss me!” She said,

I think I was dancing the stupid dance

that I do, when I finish a story…

“Kiss me, then make us

Something delicious to eat for breakfast…”

I gave her an upside-down kiss,

Spreading my wings as I normally do,

Without a clue,

Winging my way from dance to kiss…

“I will write her many poems,” I thought…

Later on,

Epiphanies found me in the bacon,

All of my incomplete stories

Came to a dignified end, in my head;

Scattered embers hissed and died,

Only the taste of her lips remained…

And with that, my story started again.


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Old Grin

Bitches keep staring,

I take my hair for granted…

There is an old grin in between the lines,

He knows me well,

He seems to know it all…

Meanwhile, bitches keep staring,

As this notebook draws to a close,

I’m in need of a better poem than this,

Their stares only make me angry,

And no poetry finds me there…

I’ll take my hair for granted,

But never the possibilities that might be

Between the lines.

I have a page and a half left now,

Within which to summarize my soul…

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Our Corner

Fruitful eyes and a heart of gold…

Measured in pints,

Our love made many people nauseous…

The most comforting sweat

under the sheets;

So comforting that the

Cat’s meows of mischief

Came as music to my ears,

In the early hours of the sky.

Here on earth, in our corner,

Our laughter pricked so many people…

One day,

As I dedicated the bitter end of my

Temptation to the asphalt,

The hovering ash in the spring air,

Told me that love had made me a better person,

But I was still judgmental, and my movements

still maneuvered on anger…

The hovering ash in  the spring air,

Reminded me that I would never know,

And it told me that my not knowing,

Was all the knowledge I ever needed…

“Love has made you a better person,”

Said the hovering ash in the spring air…

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Mother in the Wind

Every poem these days,

Wants to begin with mother;

Mother’s pain, mother’s hands,

Mother is on my mind…

I’m in the habit of hiding daggers

and covering scars…

These days, every time I sink into the page,

the poem wants to begin with mother,

and end in a whirlwind

that sits well upon the ears of our thoughts,

but offers no resolution,

like a comfortable darkness.

My eyes are accustomed to this blackness,

Find me later when I’m laughing.

These awkward moments might take us places…

They probably wont,

but let us laugh,

let us hope…

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Anthony De La Torre

He isn’t forgotten,

his energy is around here somewhere.

Every other day,

someone’s energy greets us,

on the sidewalk,

in the park,

smoking on a rooftop

watching the city,

watching birds drawing circles.

I used to get so high,

LSD made me realize,

the energy out there,

energy in the waves of smoke

that caress the air…

Followed around still by fragments

of conversations and shadowy fingers

in my solitude;

I hope his energy never leaves me be.

We were all insecure,

we were all friends, for a short while,

it was the greatest summer.

All said and done,

his energy still tends to wake me some mornings,

His energy is out there,

like that of Jesus or Muhammad…

Who knows who’ll follow us later on,

on the sidewalk,

to our homes…

This emptiness, this empty world,

is not all that empty…


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We Don’t Care

“I’m always winning,” she said,

The Blue Jays too, were kicking ass,

or so it seemed…

Buying everyone a chocolate bar,

made me feel like a celebrity,

without the drugs and depression,

and all the other good stuff…

My sweet tooth can give a fuck

if it rains all night, again…forever.

We’ll draw time out of stagnant puddles

at our feet,

we can sew together laughs

to keep warm;

Let it be winter all the time,

We don’t care,

We will live.

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Allahu Akbar

Big Joe Turner;

I suddenly clued in to the song,

despite the noise,

and all the chatter…

Big Joe Turner;

My hand was dancing retardedly,

on the counter of the bar…

Mexican food was on my mind.

All of a sudden,

in the hollows of my head,

I heard the echo of prayer calls

and verses, from a mosque

I could not see…

In the hollows of my head,

there was a sunset I could not see,

And flocks of people,

whispers and worlds

made of god and nightly bread…

I began to hate myself.

I don’t want to hear these things,

in the hollows of my head.

I have never even been inside a mosque

during prayer time…


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