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Something Like Hope

It was difficult,

Remembering to be a better person,

My anger, the light sleeper,

Followed me everywhere.

My restless past would come and go,

Whispering nightmares into my pores.

The sea, our distant home,

Knew all too well how to calm me;

The tides inside, the cliffs and falls…

I realized repeatedly

That I had no control over my smiles.

Despite it all,

There was hope on the rocks by the shore,

Something like hope in the cry of seagulls…

Something that I’d have to remember,

The next time my anger woke.


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Phone Call from Home

When I heard your voice today,

I remembered mountains,

Long drives and desert horizons.

In the five minutes that we spoke,

Ancient verses rose within me;

The travels of Saadi,

The loves of Hafez…

When we spoke, I wondered

Why it took so long…? So long

To make peace with our differences.

I wondered, “Was it written?

Why did we…? and who were we?”

In those five minutes, I regretted

A lifetime…

We laughed…Within my veins,

I am no longer running scared,

I made puddles into oceans of despair,

But in those five minutes,

Mountains rose and hovering poems

Reassured me

That life was new once more.


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Her Smile, My Canoe

“He’s stressed out,” he said, “Work, home…deep down inside he needs to get away…”
I leaned back, fingers curled around my pint glass,
I thought, “Gotta take him out, gotta get him high…”
halfway through the thought, I was depressed,
perhaps I’m always depressed,
her smile fixes me effortlessly…
“I worry about him,” he said, “His birthday is next week.”
“Gotta take him out,” I thought, “gotta get him high..”
There is a canoe in my head, our getaway lies in Killarney,
where we’ll portage to our freedom.
he said, “That girl has amazing thighs..”
Halfway through the thought, I was depressed,
perhaps I’m always depressed,
for which I have her smile,
and a canoe in my head…

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Echoes Lonesome

Everywhere I looked,
there were waves made of the moon,
and there they were, dancing with you.
Turn the corner, and be prepared,
the next crack in the sidewalk
might be where you’ll find yourself…
Echoes bouncing around in my canyon,
echoes lonesome and empty handed
in the emptiness of purpose,
bouncing around in this canyon
made of me…
everywhere I look, there I am…
everywhere I look, there are lines
made of temptation trains
and momentary hate;
the purity of poison in every pitfall…
everywhere I look, I miss you.
Every time I wake,
every person passed,
every toke I take,
none of it matters,
but I’ll miss you regardless…
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Never Any Sun

There is never any sun on our yard;

Too many condos, and it’s not all that quiet,

Not where we live, not with all the construction.

I found myself when I moved here,

Started writing again every day,

While building a tolerance,

And I fell in love, and not in that order,

Love must’ve brought it all…

Love needs us to be careful and use our heads,

I’ve come to believe that our loves for each other

Need us too…but regardless of how or who,

There is never any sun on our yard,

And my words steer passed me these days

As I swerve within myself;

In whirlpools of psychedelic waves,

I have drowned so many times,

But man will always complain, and so have I.

Maybe I’m not much of a man, but regardless of that,

There is never any fucking sun on our yard,

And the blue jays don’t sit for too long around here,

But you still see them, you just have to look closely.

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My limited understanding shows itself to me

All the time now; limited from head to toe,

Limited in love and sacrifice, limited within

The borders of intellect and conversation,

Limited in the absence of purpose,

In the eyes of my lover,

In thoughts shared and horizons sought.

Undertaken by a simple soul

With immense desires, by the bluest of fires,

From head to toe, within the spine,

My galaxies are always changing,

People walking, hunger passing…

In the end, some sort of sound

Shall signal life…or maybe not.

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Shall we say…good day?

Start the day with a bunch of likes,

A group of thumbs in my ‘hopeless little screen.’

I no longer build my aspirations

Off of the weather,

And the cancer in my soles,

Doesn’t stop me from climbing cliffs

And conquering urges…

Shall we say, innately insane…?

Hopelessly romantic on the page…?

Practice and perhaps pain

Made me poetic over the years,

Love only made me a better person,

And I no longer build my aspirations

Off of the weather.

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Tell Me Nothing, Tell Me Silence

She just doesn’t know how to hide it,

How to not care, how to shrug her shoulders

And free her soul, even if only for a moment,

She doesn’t know,

And it’s not her fault,

She is how she is.

She knows that she needs the outdoors,

But on another note, she doesn’t know

How people can talk so much,

And how they say the things that they say;

She just doesn’t know, and she lets her anger show,

But it aint her fault,

For she just can’t hide, what she don’t control.

Often times, she sits silently,

Reading articles on her phone…

Often times, I hope that she knows

How much I love her.

All in all, she is who she is,

And enveloped in her silences, she is hard to read,

But I’ll keep trying…

Tell me nothing, tell me silence,

I’ll nod my head, and try my best.

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Ode to Alcohol

What’s your poison?

What emotion kills you, but keeps you going?

I’ve got to keep walking, my head up high like Johnny Walker,

And when I cave, I pray to St. Remy,

And never do I fantasize of wearing the Crown, known to be Royal.

I am a simple man, Canadian in my ways,

But not quite part of the Club.

Winter nights in exile I have spent with my friend, Igor the Prince,

Some would say he is wise beyond his years,

But I guess they all have something; something to offer…

A bum that I met on the corner, with one hand in his pocket,

Picking cigarette ends off the ground,

Told me that his name was Captain Morgan,

I smiled and chose to believe him as I resumed to walk my path…

Jack taught me to be a Gentleman,

And run smoothly like the river through Tennessee.

I can say that I have traveled to Shiraz and met Cyrus in a glass,

And Napoleon too, but bent on Brandy,

trying to conquer my temptations.

My temptations, they come and go,

And I have often thought it true,

The fact that nothing ever is Absolute.

Can I say that I’m Wiser, every now and then,

With the taste that carries courage?

Once, down by Forty Creek, I came to meet the Famous Grouse,

I had Whiskey in my coffee;

“You get there faster when it’s warm,” I have heard some old-timers say…

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I Should’ve

“Do you ever grow to miss us?

You never call, you never write…

Have you lost us?

When will you return?”

Heartless in the heart of distance,

I should’ve said something,

I should’ve told her that I missed her.

I didn’t…

I said, “We all choose a corner.”

She wished me the best,

Happiness and health…

“They are better off now,

Without me…” I convinced myself.

The scent of chicken curry,

Was the pleasant forgetfulness

of my roundabout;

Random and ridiculous all the same…

Mother, I do miss you,

But I belong in a forest with

The other animals…

Still, I will try and call more often.

I will try…

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